18 June

Is Self-Publishing for You?

Are you considering self-publishing your novel? Not sure where to start; daunted by the amount of technological know-how, marketing, and networking you will have to do? All on top of producing a polished and perfectly edited novel… and then another… Over the past year, I have been tossing up between self-publishing and going for a…

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14 May

When The Bodice Rips – The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Seriously Sexy Romance.

I’ll let you in on a secret—the first sexy romance I wrote, I sat at my computer and blushed wildly for all 5,000 words! It felt voyeuristic. Like I was in bed with my characters, observing their most intimate moments. This year will be my third as a contributor to the Romance Writers of Australia,…

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03 April

The Mindful Writer – How ten minutes a day can boost creativity (and so much more…)

We are living in turbulent times. Uncertainty and fear can make us feel rudderless. Being removed from our social networks, our habits of work and play, from close friends and family is a new norm that none of us want but for the greater good in a Covid world, we will adhere to. As writers,…

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11 March

Valentine’s Day Flash Fiction

Bound To You As the bartender hands me a whisky on the rocks his eyes slide past me. The light in them changes, indifference shading into desire. I turn and follow the direction of his gaze. She moves with grace along the hunched shoulders of men who line the bar, their bodies shifting as she…

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