20 June

Flash Fiction

This one is under 100 words. I hope you enjoy it. FANTASY © Davina Stone   When he kissed me I knew. The way he tilted my chin between thumb and forefinger, the glitter of his eyes behind the mask. My breath hitched as his lips hovered then gently prised mine apart. His tongue stroked…

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17 June

If you’re serious about writing romance…

With great online courses, support from fellow writers including critique partners, guest writers, competitions and an annual conference, sitting in front of the computer screen doesn’t feel such a lonely place anymore. So happy to be selected as a finalist in both the Little Gems and Spicy Bites anthologies 2018. 2018 Anthology Set

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13 June

Davina’s Diary

Over the next twelve months I’ll be posting regular updates on the perils and pleasures, highs and lows of a budding romance writer. I’ll share the teeth gnashing, hair pulling moments along with the joys and triumphs – and of course quite a few free reads along the way!

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