So, what am I working on?

Very soon you’ll be able to read The Alice Equation, but if you can’t wait, why not find out how it all started in the prequel short story, When Alice Met Aaron, FREE with my newsletter.

So where to from here?

Firstly, The Polly Principle is getting a gorgeous cover design made and will be out in Romancelandia in late March/early April 2021.

In total, there are five books planned in The Laws of Love series.

The Alice EquationRelease, 8 January 2021

The Polly Principle Release, late March/early April 2021

The Felicity Theory  – Release, August 2021

The Harmony CureRelease, end of 2021

The Tess Transformation  – Release, early 2022

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And what’s not to love about that?

What else am I hatching?


No chickens—yet.  Though I intend to get me a little brood soon.


But there are plans afoot for a small-town love series set in an idyllic little bay in Western Australia.

I’ve also got a bit of a hankering to write me some billionaires,

And these billionaires are going to be brought to their knees… BIG TIME.


Keep checking in and I’ll keep you posted.


Davina xxx